LA Times – All Together Now | The iPalpiti gala concert marking the Chopin and Schumann bicentennials draws a diverse crowd

LA Times – All Together Now July 26 2010

“Schmieder is an authoritative conductor. A tall and serious Russian of the old school, he goes in for intense expression and dug-in string sonorities that reverberated through Disney with so much power that I wondered for a moment whether the loudspeakers on stage were plugged in. They weren’t; they were left over from a Lyle Lovett concert in Disney the night before.”
– Mark Swed


The Strad – iPalpiti/Eduard Schmieder, Carnegie Zankel Hall (2009)

The Strad June 2009

“… Lead by conductor Eduard Schmieder with passion, intelligence, refinement and imagination, iPalpiti demonstrated an almost uncanny unanimity of sound and vibrato, a quality repeated again and again throughout the evening… It was especially remarkable to hear such a wide variety of individual tones emerge and then slip back into those fabulous unisons…”
– Bill McGlaughlin