Adopt an Artist

Dedicated to the artistic career advancement of exceptionally gifted young professional musicians and to the promotion of peace and understanding through music.

Adopt an Artist

Support the Festival of International Laureates More than a membership, you can also “adopt” any artist for the 2024 season. This is a great opportunity to develop a personal relationship with a future star! You’ll get the following benefits:

  • Sponsor will be introduced to their “adopted” musician prior to the festival. Each sponsor will be featured in the festival brochure as an artist sponsor and will receive a block of tickets to the iPalpiti orchestra concert.
  • Sponsorship may include hosting an artist before or after Festival’s residence in Beverly Hills.
  • Sponsors will be included in private receptions with the young artists during the Festival.
  • Simply download and fill out the form below and email it to iPalpiti!

Download the form


Critics Around the World Say:

“The Potential and the Background of musicians from the entire globe forms the seed of unique concert experiences for the artists as well for the public. There is a story behind each musician coming to join iPalpiti. It is not only a matter of high quality but also personality of the artists which are very wisely chosen by the artistic director.”

– Peter Rainer/Concertmaster (Germany)

“iPalpiti is a unique festival, giving stage to its outstanding participants both in orchestral ensemble setting and chamber music. The consolidation and unity of the young players,
both musically and personally, creates an incomparable rehearsal atmosphere which produces unforgettable concerts.”

– Tibi Cziger/Clarinet (Israel)

“iPalpiti festival is unique. It transforms musicians into messengers who unveil and deliver invisible treasure of classical music (that hidden behind the printed notes) to the hearts of listeners. Without Maestro Schmieder transformation would be impossible, he possesses a magical emotional energy and ability to generate and liberate our spirits to express what we had not known or experienced before. Naturally, concerts become an outstanding celebration.”

– Vladimir Dyo/Violinist (USA)

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