SPLOT STRING QUARTET/Poland | Festival’s quartet-in-residence

Splot” was formed in 2019 by four graduates of Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. Winners of competitions, participants of prestigious festivals and members of leading Polish orchestras, the girls had already known each other. On one occasion, all four artists – violinists Karolina Gutowska and Kornelia Gdzka, violist Agnieszka Agnes Podłucka, and cellist Dobrawa Czocher – were brought together for another musical project. They were so delighted with the energy, fun, and pleasure of making music, that a decision not to part was clear to each of them. Thus, “splot” (intertwined, tightly knit in Polish) quartet was born.  Each musician in Splot quartet has a busy musical career, but with one priority for all: the joy of playing together and spreading the love for music. The quartet weaves together four musical personalities. Full of female passion and sensitivity, with interpretations of the great classical repertoire, the Splot is open to the unknown and the new.  Splot was selected for the iPalpiti 2020 festival, and after two years of “wait” we are delighted to bring the quartet here.