Zigmund Wang


Zi Wang was born in Shanghai and started to learn the violin at the age of four. He attended Szechuan Conservatory of Music with Professor Kaixiang Li and at the High School for Gifted Children of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music with Professor Mengla Huang.
During 2016 -2018 seasons he was selected to work in violin section of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and Shanghai Opera Orchestra, and performed with the Zurich Youth Symphony Orchestra. He participated in numerous music festivals, including Summit Summer Music Academy in New York. In 2018 Zygmund was accepted into Professor Schmieder international violin class at the Boyer College of Music at Temple University where he is currently working toward his Bachelor’s Degree. As the first prize winner of the 2019 World Youth Talent Festival, he performed solo at the Carnegie Hall in New York in the 2020 season.  Zygmund’s father is a well-known luthier in China, and for this iPalpiti season, he will be playing a viola made by his father. This is his second season with iPalpiti.