Agnieszka Podlucka

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Born in Łó, Agnieszka started her violin education at the age of seven. Since, she has been awarded First Prizes at numerous national and international violin, viola and chamber music competitions, including ARD International Music Competition in Munich (2018), Michał Spisak XI International Music Competition (2017), Intercollegiate Viola Competition (2017), II Baltic Competition for String Duos (2016), II Chamber Music Competition in students category (2015), XX International Johannes Brahms Viola Competition (2012, semifinal); IV Tadeusz Wronski Young Solo Violin Competition (2012, distinction).

She was awarded the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage” scholarship and continues her studies at the Frederik Chopin University of Music in violin and viola with professors Jan Stanienda and Piotr Reichert. Agnieszka has been a participant in many festivals as violinist, violist, chamber musician and orchestral player, including International Summer Academy of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Musethica International Chamber Music Festival in Spain, Sweden and Germany, International Chamber Music Festival in Wbrzych, International Chamber Music Festival Quarto Mondi” in Poznan, Warsaw Festival, Summer Academy of Music from Berliner Philharmoniker, and in master  classes worked with Tabea Zimmerman, Jerzy Kosamala, Stefan Kamasa, Wolfgang Boettcher, Peter Riegelbauer, Jose Gallardo, and  many others.

Agnieszka has performed extensively as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician in her native Poland in as well as in different countries of Europe, Japan, South Korea, United States. She was a member of Sinfonia Varsovia Academy as a violist and a member of European Union Youth Orchestra.
In 2020, Agnieszka joined the Warsaw Philharmonic/Sinfonia Varsovia as its principal violist.
This is Agnieszka’s “third” season with iPalpiti. Recommended by iPalpiti alumni Maria Machowska (2004-2009) who is a Concertmistress of the Warsaw Philharmonic [Filhamonia Narodowa/Sinfonia Varsovia] since 2008, Agnieszka joined iPalpiti in 2019, and applied to the 2020 season with her newly formed Splot quartet. Due to COVID restrictions, quartet was not able to travel; we are delighted to welcome Agnieszka and her Splot as quartet-in-residence this 2022 festival.